New to World of Warcraft – an Easy to Follow Free World of Warcraft Guide for new Players

New to World of Warcraft is designed to help the brand new or very recent convert wanting to learn to play World of Warcraft.  WoW is arguably the best PC game there is and this is probably the best free guide for new players.

Freeware language translators for your web browser are easily found on the Internet, but I have a language translator at the top right-hand side you can use for this site.

The owner of the site is now an experienced player but one of the problems he found with the game was/is finding out how best to actually play it, because the information provided by Blizzard is all gloss and of little substance.  Throughout he will guide you to the best resources he has found to-date, which took a lot of effort and a long time to accumulate.  You will learn how to quest to start with and then we will talk about how to change how you interface with the game. It will be necessary to change the interface (the tools provided to enable use of your character) to play the game successfully. There will be more about this later.

Eventually you will turn to the WoW world of player versus player, or PvP. All you need to know now is that playing in PvP battles is hard, which is not surprising given that most of the people you will be playing against have been playing for years.

Even though you have a low-level character it doesn’t mean you are playing on a level playing field.  Players have numerous characters at all levels of play, but they have know how to boot. Don’t worry you will gain that experience and will learn about the tools people use to improve their play. It is not all about micro-management (mouse movement and button pressing), there’s a great deal of macro involved (programming commands and using props).  It is suggested that you read all the tips before you start playing, because it will save you a lot of wasted time and effort.  So read on and enjoy what is probably the best free World of Warcraft beginners guide.

Want to level up your characters very quickly?  Then read all the tips on this site and go to this page; Level-up Your WoW Characters Much Faster.

OK, Lets get Playing (if you find this is too basic move on to the next section)

First of all choose a server (Realm).  It is best to choose a realm that has a medium size population.  It’s up to you whether you choose a normal, player v player (PvP), or a Role playing realm.  Make sure you know what type of game you want to play and then make your selection.  Click on this link to the Blizzard forums for guidance: Realm Types & Picking Your Realm , it is one of the few helpful guides I have found on the official WoW site.

Should you be Horde or Alliance?  Should you be Tauren or Blood Elf?  Should you be a Druid or a Warrior?  You will see all sorts of claims and counter claims of which is best.  Blizzard will, of course, say it is perfectly balanced.

I have to say that for questing I found it a lot easier to start off as a class that can attack from range, especially one that has a pet to protect them. So a Hunter or a Warlock would be a good choice.  Hunters also seem to be a favourite in PvP.  Be aware that you need to be careful that your pet does not attract all the monsters when you attack.  If they do, it is unlikely you will survive.  So learn to control your pet through the Pet Bar.  It is best not to have the aggressive stance in use during quests and sometimes it is sensible to use the stay command.

The same caution goes for some of the spells.  The Warlock fear spell, for example, is best used in PvP and Battle Grounds and not quests.  If you use it during a quest be sure that the monster’s crazed running doesn’t attract its mates to help kill you : (

If you chose to be a Warrior it’s difficult to try to make sure you are always fighting 1v1 with the baddies.  If there is a chance that you will be mobbed if you attack a single target, try to lure that target to you.  You should be able to beat two at a time quite easily if you got one of them down to low health before his/her mate joined in!  However, I recommend you find a partner if you choose to use a class like a warrior, or wait until you are far more experienced.  With tank (take a lot of damage) classes you are supposed to be constantly moving to avoid being hit whilst hitting at the same time.

World of Warcraft Quest Giver

When you have chosen your character and realm you will find yourself in front of your first quest giver (Non Playing Character or NPC).  He will have a large yellow ! above his head.  The first few quests are very easy and you will only be attacked by one monster at a time.  At this point you will have very few weapons or spells at your disposal and so your choices will be simple and pointed out to you.  If you have chosen a Hunter or ranged character then make sure you are at a safe distance, but within range, and fire, and keep doing so until the poor old target is dead, then click on its body and take the loot. The loot goes into your bag(s).  You can, through the WoW Interface menu, set to auto loot, which early game is very useful because you need all the money you can get.  Later on you will become more choosy and will probably want to turn the feature off.

You will sometimes receive money and in addition other goodies which you will be able to keep to use yourself or sell.  There are numerous NPCs to interact with.  The ones with bags and anvils, as you mouse over them, are merchants, with whom you buy and sell goods.  The trick is to rarely purchase from them.

Now return to the NPC who will now have a big yellow ? above his head.  After you have turned in the quest a number of yellow ! will appear above NPC heads.  Collect all of them.  Wherever you are make a habit of taking all the quests on offer in the immediate area and then work them all before returning to the quest givers.  It usually makes more sense to work them this way as it saves time and unnecessary return journeys.  But sometimes you might want to pop back for repairs, or to get rid of accumulated goods.  If so take advantage of turning in the completed quests as it will earn you more experience (XP) and may rank you up to the next level, so making it easier to complete the next quest.

Mini Map

On your mini map, the top right hand of the screen, there are a number of attached tools.  Click on the top left one and a drop down menu appears.  By selecting from the menu with a tick you will find information appears on the mini map by way of small icons.  The idea is to select them when you are in need of one of the facilities/items listed.  If you tick all of them whilst in a city you will be overwhelmed with a mass of icons, which is of no help at all.  I usually have the class and profession trainers constantly ticked and also the flight master.

Flight Masters

(Bat Handlers for the Undead) provide you with transportation.  Be sure to check your mini map for the Flight Master and visit them i.e click on them to “discover a new flight path”.  Flying between locations saves so much time on what would otherwise be tedious journeys.  If you have a long flight it gives you ample time to get something to eat or drink, stretch your legs, or whatever!

You will also discover other ways of journeying, such as ships (Alliance) and airships (Horde), and the Deeprun Tram which connects Stormwind with Ironforge.  These are free forms of travel! Next page: what World of Warcraft Professions should I choose?


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